Goodbye Coach

Tony Dungy is a man of honor and integrity, and that’s exactly how he coached his entire career. His coaching, his life, has been full of accomplishments. He had been a successful assistant coach wherever he went, Pittsburgh, Kansa City and Minnesota from 1981 through 1995. After 15 years of pro coaching, he finally got his chance to be the boss. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which had been the laughing stock of the league to one of the most consistent teams in the league, a team than won a Super Bowl after he left, with the players that he had assembled.

In 2005, Dungy lost his son James just before Christmas to an apparent suicide. Having suffered an unimaginable lost; Dungy was a symbol of strength and faith. With his unwavering determination, he led Indianapolis to a Super Bowl title in 2007. Over the years with his family in Tampa Bay and his football family in Indianapolis, Dungy had to make a decision, and he decided to leave his football family. Tony Dungy believes there is a higher calling for him, away from football and he will surely find it wherever he goes.


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