Recap: Steelers v. Chargers

On Sunday night the Pittsburg Steelers faced the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers came to the game having had lost their best offensive threat to an injury in Ladanian Tomlison. With the absence of Ladanian Tomlison, the pressure was going be on Phillip Rivers who had the highest passer rating in the league. Phillip River did everything possible to lead his team to victory but it just was not enough. Phillip Rivers passed went 21-35 and passing for 308 yards, which led to 3 touchdowns.

The running game for San Diego Chargers was non-existent with only 15 yards by Daniel Sproles with 11 attempts. Meanwhile Willie Parker did most of the hard work for the Pittsburg Steelers who ran for 146 yards.

It has been a tough season for the San Diego Chargers having had started the season 3 and 8. With high expectation at the beginning of the season one should say that the San Diego Chargers season was a failure. Norv Turner seems that he could not manage a winning team even he has 3 great players in Ladanian Tomlison, Antonio Gates and Phillip Rivers. Norv Turner should change things around and take the San Diego Charger further in the post season or else look forward the San Diego Charger to look for some else to lead the team to victory.

Not to take anything away from the Pittsburg Steelers but the San Diego charger ended their own season. The Pittsburg Steelers are a great team and a great franchise which offers stability to its coaching staff and players which in return offers them to worry about game day and not all the drama many loosing teams go through every season. The Pittsburg are now going to play the Baltimore Raven who are also know for their great defense. I look forward to a great game between Pittsburg Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.


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